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Sales Centre NW11: The Golders Green Beth Hamedrash, The Riding, NW11

Sales Centre NW4: Beis Hamedrash Nishmas Yisrael, 4 Brent Green, NW4

Sales Centre M7:  Broughton Jewish, Legh Road, M7 4RT

Spanish Lulovim
This year, we have managed to obtain a large quantity of high quality Spanish Lulovim. These are known to be strong and tall, very green and look like the classic picture book Lulav.
Deri Lulovim
We will have 4 grades of Deri Lulovim for sale, all of which are very Mehudor, with the characteristics you would expect from this special type of Lulav. Very green, very straight, an extremely strong Teyomes (middle leaf), and normally closed tightly to the very tip. Although at a premium, taking a Deri Lulav will often save hours of time searching through hundreds of Lulovim to find one that is perfect.
We will once again have prepacked Haddasim, which are 'Rov Shiur Chazon Ish' under Hashgocho. For the more discerning, we will also have 2 grades of Haddasim which are 'Kulo Shiur Chazon Ish'.