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Israeli Esrogim

We will iyh have a large selection of Israeli Esrogim, including Bedatz, Teimani, Chazon Ish and Kfar Chabad, at all price points. An Israeli Esrog is often more sought after than other varieties, with many authorities holding an Israeli Esrog in greater esteem than its' foreign cousins. Israeli Esrogim have the classic Esrog shape on the whole, although Chazon Ish Esrogim have a more unique style, a longer thinner shape, but with an unrivalled pedigree.

Moroccan Esrogim:
We will iyh have a large selection of Moroccan Esrogim, from a reliable orchard. These are normally cleaner than Israeli Esrogim, and have a unique Moroccan look to their Esrog, with a different shape, and a lovely pale yellow colour. Sets will start at £18.
Yanover Esrogim:
These Esrogim come from Calabria in Italy, are usually exceptionally clean and well shaped. The majority are grown without a Pitum. They are favoured by Chabad chassidim who have a tradition that Moshe Rabeinu used an Esrog from Italy.
Pitumless Esrogim:
These Esrogim were grown on the tree without a pitum and are 100% Kosher, and are ideal for those with 'active' children. It is only outside Israel that we are used to Esrogim with a Pitum, as the majority of Esrogim in Israel are sold without a Pitum.
Sealed Boxes:
This year, once again, some Israeli Esrogim will be sold in pre-graded sealed boxes, checked personally and sealed by Rabbi Yonason Royde - a renowned expert in Arba Minim. Three grades are available. These Esrogim are ideal if you do not have the time, patience (or knowledge) to choose your own set, and wish to rely upon a local expert.