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Welcome to the Arba Minim Centre

We offer a range of quality Arba Minim, Sechach, Succahs & posters, at the most competitive prices – including a large quantity of top quality Esrogim Muvcharim and Deri Lulovim.

Lulav & Etrog


We offer 4 qualities of Deri Lulavim, along with regular Spanish Lulavim.



We offer Israeli, Moroccan, Taimoni, Chazon Ish and more, with or without Pitum.



We sell Rafia Bamboo sechach in a variety of sizes.

Keeping our valued customers Covid safe during Yom Tov with our Click 'n' Collect Service!

We’re help to you with our usual great selection, in these unusual times. We have additional options this year, to ensure you enjoy a Covid free experience.

About Our Service

This site is designed as a guide, to help you find out everything from prices to opening times. Feel free to come in to our sales centre and browse around, and do not hesitate to ask any of our expert staff for help or advice. Whether you are a novice at choosing your set, or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to feel at home with us.

We pride ourselves on offering you the biggest choice of Arba Minim, with a friendly team who are here to help answer any questions, and give you advice on what can be a very difficult task. Given the challenges this year, we are offering a different experience – tailored browsing for the over 60s, a more spread out sales centre to assist in social distancing, and of course our click and collect service, allowing you to just collect your set when convenient.

We also supply Shuls, shops, schools and other educational facilities across the UK, and would be happy to discuss your requirements. We are able to offer special Chinuch sets, as well as discounted prices for bulk purchase.

We are happy for you to become an affiliate in your area, and we can supply you with ready made sets for your customers. We supply over 1000 sets nationally on this basis, and will work to your timetable to ensure your needs are met. We work closely with a large number of Shuls, offering numerous cost options to ensure your congregrants get the set that they want for the price they can afford.

For further information or to place your order, please contact Stephen Colman on 07956 234524.

Looking forward to seeing you and helping you soon, and wish you a Kesiva Vachasima Tova

Spanish Lulovim
This year, we have managed to obtain a large quantity of high quality Spanish Lulovim. These are known to be strong and tall, very green and look like the classic picture book Lulav.

Deri Lulovim
We will have 4 grades of Deri Lulovim for sale, all of which are very Mehudor, with the characteristics you would expect from this special type of Lulav. Very green, very straight, an extremely strong Teyomes (middle leaf), and normally closed tightly to the very tip. Although at a premium, taking a Deri Lulav will often save hours of time searching through hundreds of Lulovim to find one that is perfect.

We will once again have prepacked Haddasim, which are ‘Rov Shiur Chazon Ish’ under Hashgocho. For the more discerning, we will also have 2 grades of Haddasim which are ‘Kulo Shiur Chazon Ish’.